D^3 Open Positions

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The Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard is looking for multiple energetic Lab Managers, Research Associates (RAs) and Postdoctoral Fellows to drive research activities at our newly formed research labs. D^3 will have a formal launch in July 2022 with 12 labs (including 10 newly minted labs) that will provide cutting edge research faced by academics and practitioners.

Business, the global economy, and societies around the world are facing dramatic upheaval as a result of rapid technological change driven simultaneously by digitization, the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to all facets of company, economic, and human data, and a new emphasis on the importance of design and innovation on value creation for stakeholders. D^3 (re)invents how organizations will compete and thrive in this new world and educates the next generation of leaders. Labs will be focused on topics that address the way companies will operate in the digital society of the future, and include: Business Model Transformation; Operating Model Transformation; Organizational and Workforce Transformation; Performance and Metrics; Data, Privacy and Transparency; and Societal Impact. D^3 is made up of a cohort of research labs led by Harvard Business School faculty; Harvard-wide faculty affiliates; core management and data science teams; and platforms that will facilitate interactions with external partners.

D^3 labs are:

  1. blackbox Lab; PI: James W. Riley

  2. Climate & Sustainability Impact Lab, PIs: George Serafeim, Mike Toffel,
 & Peter Tufano
  3. Crypto, Fintech, & Web3 Lab; PIs: Shai Bernstein & Marco Di Maggio
 with Scott Kominers & David Parkes
  4. Customer Intelligence Lab; PIs: Eva Ascarza & Ayelet Israeli
  5. Digital Emotions Lab; PI: Amit Goldenberg
  6. Digital Reskilling Lab; PIs: Raffaella Sadun & Jorge Tamayo

  7. Digital Value Lab; PI: Suraj Srinivasan
  8. Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard; PIs: Karim Lakhani, Eva Guinan, Kyle Myers, David Parkes, & Marco Iansiti, with Alberto Cavallo, Iavor Boijnov, Jacqueline Lane, Alexander MacKay, Edward McFowland III, & Frank Nagle
  9. LIFE Lab; PI: Leslie Perlow
  10. Platform Lab; PIs: Chiara Farronato, Mike Luca, & Feng Zhu
  11. Tech for All Lab; PIs: Rem Koning & Tarun Khanna
  12. Trustworthy AI Lab; PIs: Hima Lakkaraju & Marco Iansiti | Seth Neel & Salil Vadhan

We are also looking for both senior lab managers and lab managers who will manage 2-4 labs.