Lab to Market

Offered during the Fall semester (September — December) at the Harvard Business School campus, the Lab to Market MBA course (formerly known as Commercializing Science) is designed to outline the path from embryonic discoveries made in R&D labs to development for commercial use and onwards to market launch.  An integral part of the course is for multidisciplinary student teams to work with principal investigators and their lab research staff to build a case for creating value around around real intellectual property emerging from an innovation in science or technology.  Teams are actively mentored by course instructors, consisting of faculty from HBS, HMS, and science-focused venture capital firms and several alumni have gone on to make their mark in the start-up world as co-founders or executives.

If you work with a local R&D lab and have a big idea with the potential for significant impact if brought to the market, submit your project proposal for the Fall 2019 Lab to Market course by July 31, 2019.

Lab to Market Project Proposal Submission Form


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