Mechanisms of Action (MoA) Prediction Contest

The Connectivity Map, a project within the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, LISH and the NIH Common Funds Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures (LINCS), launched the Mechanisms of Action Prediction Contest in August 2020. The goal of the contest was to leverage crowdsourcing to advance drug development through improvements to the MoA prediction algorithms. The contest will make an impact on the field of drug discovery, as identifying the best MoA to test in the drug discovery process is time consuming and costly. As such, there is a need to prioritize combinations for further testing. The contest tasked solvers to develop an algorithm that automatically labels each case in the test data set as one or more MoA classes. Solvers have access to 100 different cell types and 5,000 drug compounds. The contest, hosted on Kaggle, had a prize pool of $30,000 and had over 3,500 teams participating. The contest closed on November 30, 2020.