REALM ISS RFID Localization Challenge

The goal of this 2018 challenge was to develop an optimized User Interface for the RFID Auto Logistics Management (REALM) software used to manage logistics onboard spacecraft. Based on specific requirements, the challenge looked for a solution that would address all System User Case Scenarios and user application requirements. The Inventory Management System (IMS) on the ISS depends on crew involvement. The challenge hoped to find a solution to make the ISS less dependent on the crew for the evolving inventory and challenges associated with its system.  The contest offered a combined prize purse of $25,500 and ran for five weeks.



During that time 139 competitors registered and 25 submitted solutions. By the end of the fifth day of competition, the contestants exceeded the original state of the art benchmark. During the next four weeks, the solutions continuously improved. The winner of the contest, an experimental particle physicist from the U.S., developed a robust model based on weighted means of the antennae locations and achieved performance that exceeded the higher of the NASA benchmarks by 28%.