Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

Behind the scenes filming for MOOC

LISH  developed a massive open online course (MOOC), Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market, co-taught by Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School, and Vish Krishnan, Rady School of Business at the University of California San Diego, with HarvardX to disseminate the knowledge and skills required for successful technology commercialization.

Billions of dollars in R&D are spent each year around the world to develop new technologies. Many breakthrough technologies, with the potential to solve intractable social, environmental, and economic problems are never moved beyond the laboratory and translated into impact. This course is designed for inventors, managers, and leaders who wish to innovate around breakthrough technologies and preparing them for market launch. That is, in matching technological ‘seeds’ with market ‘needs’ to create commercially viable products, processes and services that can create impact at scale.

The course covers issues such as generating use cases for a given technology by applying different methodologies, understanding market needs, developing commercialization plans and assessing viability, the core concepts of business and operating models, regulatory pathways and entrepreneurial strategy. Complementary to this online course, we plan are integrating a research program to better understand the matching process between inventions/inventors and commercial needs/ideas and partners.

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