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  • HBS CASE: Moderna (A)

    How Moderna has evolved and came to develop the 2020 COVID-19 vaccine.

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  • Engineering serendipity: When does knowledge sharing lead to knowledge production?

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  • Lab for Innovation Science Annual Report 2020

    Celebrating LISH's publications, staff, and achievements. 


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  • LISHarvard
    LISHarvard Spotlight- Michael Menietti is an experimental economist who works on understanding contests and enterprise AI adoption. He is working on a project studying the stress response of contest competitors by measuring hormones, heart rhythms, and skin conductance during competition. t.co/eJbUR0pY1W
  • digHBS
    digHBS Are you disinformed or misinformed? This new podcast episode produced by @TheHDSR covers the differences between the two, & explores how social media & open access to published information has contributed to today’s sensationalized headlines: t.co/4FgTUj68am
  • LISHarvard
    LISHarvard Spotlight- Paul Hamilton, a Research Associate at @HarvardHBS works on research related to data science & AI. Currently he's working on a project related to the economic impact of open-source Python packages, and is studying student engagement in an online management course. t.co/YC57qzxg9Q

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