Marco Iansiti

Marco Iansiti

Faculty Co-director
David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Marco Iansiti is a David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration and heads the Digital Initiative at HBS. Professor Iansiti is an expert on digital innovation and transformation, with a special focus on strategy, business models, and new product development in high technology industries. His research studied innovation and operations in both firms and firm networks. He examined the strategy, business models, and innovation processes of a variety of organizations including Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Wal*Mart, AT&T, Dell, Amazon, and Google, among many others. He is the author or coauthor of more than 100 articles, papers, book chapters, cases, and notes, including "The Ecology of Strategy" (with R. Levien) and "Digital Ubiquity" (with K. Lakhani) which were published in the Harvard Business Review. His second book The Keystone Advantage: What the New Dynamics of Business Ecosystems Mean for Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainability (also with R. Levien), published in August 2004 by HBS Press, was selected as one of the 10 best business books of the year by Strategy and Business. His latest book One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making (Wiley Press, 2010) was written with Steven Sinofsky.

Professor Iansiti taught extensively in both Executive Education and MBA programs and is the creator of several courses, including "Managing Product Development," "Starting New Ventures" (with HBS Professor Myra Hart), "Digital Innovation and Transformation" (with Professor Karim Lakhani), and "Competing with Business Analytics and Big Data."

Professor Iansiti advises a variety of Fortune 500 companies with a focus on digital strategies and transformation. Iansiti is the Chairman of the board of directors of Keystone Strategy Inc., a consulting firm he co-founded. Iansiti was also an original co-founder and member of the board of Model N Inc. (NASDAQ: MODN). Iansiti currently also serves on the boards of AltX, Module Q, and Decibel. AltX is a data platform and marketplace for alternative investments; ModuleQ is a Personal Resource Management application, and Decibel is a stealth mode start-up in the sports space.

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