Data Science & AI Development

Hannah Mayer. 7/2020. “AI in Enterprise: AI Product Management.” Edited by Jin H. Paik, Jenny Hoffman, and Steven Randazzo.Abstract

While there are dispersed resources to learn more about artificial intelligence, there remains a need to cultivate a community of practitioners for cyclical exposure and knowledge sharing of best practices in the enterprise. That is why Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard launched the AI in the Enterprise series, which exposes managers and executives to interesting applications of AI and the decisions behind developing such tools. 

Moderated by HBS Professor and co-author of Competing in the Age of AI, Karim R. Lakhani, the July virtual session featured Peter Skomoroch from DataWrangling and formerly at LinkedIn. Together, they discussed what differentiates AI product management from managing other tech products and how to adapt to the uncertainty in the AI product lifecycle.

2021 Feb 17

AI in Enterprise Series: Mohamed El-Geish (Cisco)

11:00am to 12:00pm

For Cisco, AI has become an appealing technology in customer service, specifically, in the customer contact center. Contact centers handle large volumes of inbound and outbound interactions, and make interaction channels (voice, email, text messaging, social media, etc.) as efficient and optimized as possible. In this session of AI in Enterprise,  Mohamed El-Geish (Director of AI, Cisco) discussed with moderator Doug Levin (Executive-in-Residence at Harvard Business School) the role of AI in customer experience, including speech recognition, natural language processing, virtual assistants, forecasting, computer vision, etc. and their applications in the enterprise.

You can also access the podcast or video recording through our Innovation Science Guide. 


Single Cell Trajectory Contest

The Pinello Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital, LISH, and 25+ other single cell labs across the world collaborated to execute the Single Cell Trajectory contest. Single cell trajectory inference methods are essential tools in the analysis of cellular dynamic processes. In the field, there are over 60 methods used for prediction... Read more about Single Cell Trajectory Contest

Hannah Mayer. 10/2020. “Data Science is the New Accounting.” Edited by Jin H. Paik and Jenny Hoffman.Abstract

In the October session of the AI in Enterprise series, HBS Professor and co-author of Competing in the Age of AI, Karim R. Lakhani and Roger Magoulas (Data Science Advisor) delved into O'Reilly's most recent survey of AI adoption in larger companies. The discussion explored common risk factors, techniques, tools, as well as the data governance and data conditioning that large companies are using to build and scale their AI practices. 


Read Hannah Mayer's recap of the event to learn more about what senior managers in enterprises need to know about AI - particularly, if they want to adopt at scale.